EVENING 554 Now Rest Beneath Night’s Shadow Ps. 139: 11 7. 7. 6. 7. 7. 8. Nun ruhen alle Wälder Paul Gerhardt, 1648, cento Tr., composite O Welt, ich muss dich lassen Heinrich Isaak, c. 1490 and are els ments gold cast cov ban mead its ing en land, side shin wood gar jew rays field, eth, er ished ow, my of diant be rest rule ra rest bod day sun neath The 2 The 1 Now 3 4 To eth, ver ished, ow A And His The is y hath night’s hast o shad van pon heav glad wake off shine Sun heart, a and in of der en, ness, thee, By The The Types bound foe slum tal mor en’s the in of heav night, world These Thus put shall the my I I Christ, Thou, ty; blue. day; lies; i less of ber But But be me are my yon giv sad take With Let To A der en ness, thee; How Where Dis To give gold all song Christ crowns pel prayer will of ling and A es and stant tor ty. true. sway. rise. men. Cre holds ful rious of who thy heart faith glo my to robe all in praise a con prove maj 5 Lord Jesus, who dost love me, Oh, spread Thy wings above me And shield me from alarm! Though evil would assail me, Thy mercy will not fail me: I rest in Thy protecting arm. 6 My loved ones, rest securely, For God this night will surely From peril guard your heads. Sweet slumbers may He send you And bid His hosts attend you And through the night watch o’er your beds.