LORD’S SUPPER 316 O Living Bread From Heaven Matt. 26: 26–29 7. 8. 7. 8. 7. 6. 7. 6. 7. 6. 7. 6. Wie wohl hast du gelabet Johann Rist, 1651, cento Tr., Catherine Winkworth, 1858, alt. Nun lob, mein’ Seel’ “Concentus Novi” Augsburg, 1540 Thou ple’s with so work bit ho fed ly Thy for through mourns in rich sin grace tem hast Thy liest ter in Thy guest! me sighs,— place that ing Thou I have hath here Bread 2 O 1 My A 3 Grant 4 liv God, heart what en ed me en, May And With How tak par pent led heav from hast re sac of joy lone to ri Thy and cleave heart treas on may my the my with ures ly a The Thee fice. grace, rest. And Thou, That all well self now giv fed tent sak be for con hast hast Thou Thy art sin Lord, there gifts Have With With And I this all filled en ed me en heals is spise Thy de eous that love How Thou And O I wilt right cup may me Thy our know; not, pow’r, woes! my that less drous soul in is food all know bound won And I Oh, O ing, ful ness ness, weak kind bless heed be my Thy of should ing ing ful in I hour songs bless err thank For in My While But love hour; flows; sought; me have by o’er this glow. lone in sin gift Thy is Thy ful pro this grant I heart, a me ful ness ness ing, The Am In need meek blind fess Lord, by now lure I like this al joy, song sin quick that Was ner, ened A The No For heart, raise, me! food, my no wilt Thou the And Yes, Then beau hear com’st faith while yet Thou let er, vor ing me ty with not with spurn in fa ev for ly Thy part. im Good. Thee? praise. est, have should dost on I sing here A men. gazed love right Thine, hath and and is ’tis up re my My Thy For But soul grace meet what ing, Thee, er ior, high gift I Thou My What That What Sav ev turn on 5 Oh, well for me that, strengthened With heav’nly food and comfort here, Howe’er my course be lengthened, I now may serve Thee free from fear! Away, then, earthly pleasure! All earthly gifts are vain; I seek a heav’nly treasure, My home I long to gain, My God, where I shall praise Thee, Where none my peace destroy, And where my soul shall raise Thee Glad songs in endless joy.