LENT 145 Jesus, Refuge of the Weary Mark 15: 29–30 8. 7. 8. 7. D. Giesu sommo conforto Girolamo Savonarola, 1563 Tr., Jane F. Wilde, 1853 O du Liebe “Musikalischer Christenschatz,” 1745 Basel, 1745 vent re er, fer love pent whom deem no more ing Re for ant we Thee! vow, love, may pass Ref sus, we sus, With our that uge 2 Do 1 Je Je 3 burn heed wea Breath Blest ing ing, ry, be hearts cross of un the world ag cir o cled a Thy Thy ior of en the cross thorn from Foun Though May ny brow? bove, be Thee life’s ev wound des eyes see in our we tain ing ing, y, To See Sav er ed, ert drear turn bleed bless ter on Sav peace, sin ed nal, the From Life Gaze the e up ner’s and side, rest; fall! ior’s glo sin oft part death ry, less Thine in Thy how eyes, Till Yet Oh, nev brought fend er us ed, ed hath of Cru storm men. pain cross, sin bear the the didst the ner’s the On fied! A of y ci all. breast. in what on hearts grace cross our Thy the Yet, Grav en ly up Thou er us ed, Dwell Calms for hath ex tend taught ev